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Riad & bivouacs

The Riads

The accommodation will be in a single / double / triple room with private bathroom in hotel, renovated old riads, or newly built riads (traditional Moroccan houses), in nomad bivouacs (camps nomads with carpets, bathrooms, showers, restaurant tents, lighting with solar panels).

An authentic riad is first and foremost an old Moroccan noble house located in a medina of the imperial cities. It consists of a house with an interior courtyard with a garden and fountains on the patio. In fact, the word “riad” in Arabic means garden.

With our agency you will have the opportunity to stay in beautiful traditional riads, which are culturally temporal representations of the Hispanic-Moorish style paradise. The riads are often equipped with traditional hammams where you can relax during your stay.

Bivouacs /nomad campsite

Bivouacs are a set of Moroccan tents, the so-called Khaïma. The best way to get in touch with the desert is to stay overnight in one of the typical noamads’ bivouacs of Morocco, where you can taste typical desert dishes, listen to the music of the camel desert under the starry sky, surrounded by the silent breath of the Sahara.

The Khaima was originally used by tribes or nomadic shepherds. These black curtains called “bayt esh-shacr”, literally “woolen houses”, are made of very thick fabrics, decorated with geometric patterns.


You will taste the typical traditional Moroccan dishes. Your you want, you could also enjoy the typical Moroccan hospitality and be invited to local families.


Look at the photos of the riads and bivouacs of our circuits: