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Customized tours

Our team, multilingual, organizes excursions, circuits and single-day tours. During the excursions proposed you will be supported by a capable team of local guides who will drive you through our trails (trekking, 4x4, camel circuits, imperial cities tours) ranging from the excursion of a single day to multi-day trip or a week. All tours are customized.

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Eco-tourism, responsible Tourism

he agency “Petit Prince sur les sable” offers  you an opportunity to enjoy of a warm welcome with the aim to make you spend unforgettable moments in the Sahara desert in Morocco, where the sense of discovery, purity, nomadism keep their original authenticity and tradition. The spirit of the journey is that of responsible tourism, respect, tolerance, sharing and integration of different cultures.

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Discover Morocco

Abdoul, Mohammed, Jamal, Ali, all people from M’hamid and Valeria, an Italian girl, will be happy to support you and to introduce you to the real Morocco, its beautiful landscapes and wild nature, the colourful atmosphere of the desert sunsets and the warm welcome of our people!

Circuits and tours

There are some places you will never forget

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Take a walk into the desert

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Discover Human ancient Heritage

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The enchantment of Imperial cities

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